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Career Development

In the start of 21st century, IT career was the most lucrative white color job in the market. It was bringing good financial growth & society status as well. IT industry has generated maximum number of jobs at that time. IT career was the dream of millions which comes true for many of them. It has also transformed (directly or indirectly) many other industries like banking, automobile etc.

From the start of 21st century to this time, IT industry has gone through dynamic changes. This change also made the cascading impact (directly or indirectly) on other industries as well. Impact of digitalization, cloud computing, automation has transformed the industry which in one way open new avenues of opportunity and in another way leaves the obsoletes behind.

IT Industry has expanded vastly and becomes an important part of life, be it social media, banking, automobile, energy, education etc. It is still the most lucrative job in the market and today, it provides even many more better options. Millions dream for a career in IT & wants to start their career. But the question is, How to start and what are the areas to focus on for career in software industry?

There are many factors which guides & helps in deciding to start your career as software professional. Even if you are currently a working IT professional, still needs to focus on many areas to have a successful career. Some important factors are:

Choose path (role) of interest

To make any decision, It’s very important to analyze (weigh) available options. This analysis will help in making a sound judgment to choose the right direction for your career path.

IT industry is very vast and provides various career paths based on different work areas. Having some knowledge about these paths, helps to decide right career on which you should focus. Some of the common career paths are: Technical, Management, Operational, System Administrators, Networking etc. As shown in graph, Some areas required common skills in their career path.

Each career path have their different roles, which progresses based on your subject knowledge and experience. For ex. for Technical path various roles can be developer, senior developer, technical lead, associate architect, architect. 

Get trained yourself

Once you decide your career path, next step is to get trained (knowledge) yourself with the skills required for particular role. Every role will require specified skills and expertise (good knowledge) in those skills helps boost your career.

There are various ways that you can trained yourself in the required skill:

  • Join Training (Coaching) Center – Joining a training center for learning the required skills. This is a good option to start your career. There are many training centers providing trainings in various skill sets. Ex. Omprosoft is very good center providing training in technical skills like AWS, DevOps, Cloud, Java etc. Joining training center will fast pace your learning and will bring you on right direction. 
  • Omprosoft also helps in providing career counseling and guidance. Even if you are a working professional, training center can help you in many ways. There are many skills that are must with the experience level. Like, Cloud Computing for technical career.
  • Self pace learning (learning yourself) – Self pace learning is good when you are already an software professional and need growth in your career. Learning through this can take some time and will depends on your learning capabilities. Choosing the learning curve will entirely be your option.
  • One can also, choose for the hybrid approach for joining training center and self pace learning, where training center will guide you on direction. Omprosoft can help in providing the hybrid approach as well.
  • Start freelance work (on job learning) – Doing freelance work will provide you work experience and learning as well.

Make efforts to go extra mile

Today’s, job markets are highly competitive. It leave minimum scope for mistakes and loss of time. Making a right decision and choosing the right path is very important. Along, with it one has to go extra miles to set yourself apart from other potential candidates. Do following things right to differentiate yourself:

  • Keep yourself updated with the new technologies
  • Work on your CV and optimize your portfolio
  • Attend seminars and webinars as possible

Get certification or degree in technology

IT candidates are chosen based on the knowledge of the potential candidate. Sometimes, an interview cannot make a good judgment on the candidates skills. It’s a good idea to have a proof of your knowledge. Having technical degree or certification in required skill shows your potential and knowledge in that skill. But, don’t be overwhelmed with theoretical knowledge, IT job is  very practical field. Important thing is to have practical knowledge on the subject, along with experience.

So, having a degree or certification, along with experience is good combination. Training center can help and guide for certification in important skills required at experience level. Omprosoft seems good in that.

Get into social network

Sometimes, finding a right job directly from job portals becomes difficult. This is because, All the jobs does not comes or posted on job portals and you may not even know it exists. Many of these candidates got selected through referral programs or internal hiring or through network portals.

Having a good social profile along with its network, you can be extend your reach in multiple circles and your profile can be known in multiple places. This likely to increase chances to get more & better options. Twitter, facebook, linkedIn are very common for that. It can also, helps you understand industry more better and can provide updates on major industry events.

But, caution yourself from using them extra time. Be focused with your purpose. 

Be ready to accept change

IT is very dynamic and fast changing industry. New technologies, processes, innovative products are launched very often. New technologies have cascading effects on other industries and also on professional careers. For ex. Cloud Computing has a big impact, which not only changes the software development and release cycles, but also changes the skills required for it.

It is very important to have knowledge of these changes and have to adapt yourself according to those changes. One should be ready to learn new things continuously and accept changes.

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